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 Gourmet Cuisine Essentials
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  Cuisine essentials covers basic necessities in setting up an efficient kitchen, and pantry, as well as basic methods to use in preparing fine cuisine.  Great chefs use these techniques to create their haut cuisine.  Most are basics that have been used in French, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine forever.  Now you can apply these processes to your everyday food preparation.  Find how to helpful tips make classic French sauces, the use of fresh herbs, and setting a lovely table with ambiance for outdoor entertaining.  Then try your hand at some of the all-time French classic recipes that really are very easy to make, and serving them al fresco style in a most unique setting!

Kitchen Essentials is a guide to basic kitchen tools, bake ware, pots and pans, cookware, mixing bowls, etc., needed to make meal preparation easy.  This
is a basic guide, and by all means add more non-essentials to your collection as needed. 

Kitchen Pantry is a guide that lists basic seasonings, dry goods and staples on hand for multi-cooking purposes.  There are definite necessary items needed for baking, flavorings, things that should be on hand in case of emergencies, and storage items both for temporary use and for freezing.
  Kitchen Essentials
 - Baking Dishes Plus
 - Cutlery
 - Measuring
 - Microwave
 - Mixing Bowls
 - Pots & Pans
 - Small Electronics
 - Storage Containers
 - Utensils
  Kitchen Pantry Essentials
 - Baking Ingredients 
 - Extracts - Flavorings
 - Seasonings - Herbs - Spices
 - Odd & End Staples
 - Pasta - Rice & Other Staples
 - Wrap It and Store It

Herb Essentials
 - Cooking with and all about Herbs
  Cooking How To Tips help make the most of learning
about professional chefs 'secrets' and 'methods' in
preparing fine French 'haut cuisine'.

  - How to Prepare Classic French Stocks
  - How to make Fond de Cuisine
  - How to make Chicken Stock
  - How to make Fish Stock
  - How to make Seafood Stock
  - How to make Sauce Demi-Glace
  - How to make Sauce Bechamel
  - How to make Sauce Veloute
  - How to make Sauce Hollandaise
  - How to make Clarified Butter
  - How to make Clarified Butter Sauces
  - How to make Compound Butters
  - How to make Non-Clarified Butter Sauces
  - How to make Thickening Agents
  - How to make Fruit Sauces
  - How to make Vegetable Sauces
  - How to Select Saucepans & Tools for Saucemaking
  - How to Select Fresh Fish, Meat & Poultry
  - How to Select Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
  - How to Substitute Ingredients - this is very useful!
  - How to Chefs Secrets & Methods
  - How to Use Fresh Herbs & Spices
  - Serving and Ambiance - Art la Table al Fresco Style

Art la Table al Fresco
Art la table al fresco style is for people that love to entertain outdoors, we have some fun and innovative tips for entertaining your guests. Depending upon where you live of course, but most areas of the country have from late spring until early autumn to serve outdoors. If you think that you can't be creative in your outdoor entertaining, then think again.  Enjoy!
  Art la Table is entertaining your guests in a friendly, cozy relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, where you have created a most unique dining ambiance for daytime or evening socializing.  The ambiance that you'll create includes a beautiful and distinctively set table, in a most hospitable setting, and done with a simple flair. 

You don't have to spend a lot of money to set a great table indoors, or out-of-doors.  Make the most with what you got!  Its fun and so easy.





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