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  The Kitchen Essentials
Welcome to Kitchen Essentials!
 Is your kitchen organized with all the essential items?

The 'Kitchen Essentials' section lists basic kitchen essential items needed to set-up a well managed kitchen.  Any supplemental items can always be added to your collection as needed.  Brides-to-be can use this information as a guide to use for setting up her bridal registry.  Setting up a kitchen by a newlywed or just moving out on your own and setting up a kitchen can be somewhat daunting.  This guide will make it easy for you, and if you have any questions that we can help with, just  email us.  Brides be sure to register at all your favorite Gift Registry Stores.  The registries are used for several purposes, not just as a bridal registry.  Even on AMAZON and SAVE! 

Baking Dishes - Pans - Mitts for the Oven:
These are basic baking dishes, pans and mitts items that are needed to set up an efficient kitchen.  Any additional items can always be added as you need them.  Kitchenware has become so versatile in color and material mediums, and so lovely, that it makes it difficult to choose, so you really need to think about color schemes in your kitchen, and for the overall long haul that you'll be using these items. 

Baking pans are another matter all together, as I've learned that nothing beats aluminum.  The coated pans cannot be placed in dishwashers, they scratch and rust, but aluminum can always be cleaned up easily especially if you really have something sticky and burnt on them, just soak them for awhile before cleaning them.

Oven mitts and pot holders of course are essentials, don't skimp on these either, they need to have heat resistant materials in them, or try the new silicon mitts and pot holders to protect your hands.

Quantity and Description
  1 - Set of Baking Covered Casserole dishes w/lids  1, 2 & 3 Qt. sizes
  1 - Cookie Sheet Std. Size with a rim, buy aluminum, this will last you a lifetime.
  1 - Loaf Pan Std. Size - aluminum, this can double for meat or small bread pan.
  1 - Square Aluminum Pan 8" x  8"
  1 - Roasting Pan 12" x 18"
  1 - Pizza Pan - aluminum either a 12" or 18" round
  1 - Quiche Plate 10 - 12" of glass, ceramic, pottery, metal, can be used for a pie
       or tart.  Try our quiche and tart recipes HERE
2 - Silicone [or Silicone coated] Oven Mitts & 2 Pot Holders  [ VIEW HERE ]

Mixing Bowls
There are so many gorgeous sets of mixing bowls in every type material medium that you can imagine.  There are solid colors, designs, you name it, its available.  This will be a personal choice selection, so again think about kitchen color schemes and what you really are looking for.  A three bowl set is a must , made of either glass, plastic and stainless steel [are less expensive], or earthenware, copper, crock ware and more.

1 - Mixing Bowl Set - 3 Bowl Set of the noted materials above, glass, stainless steel or plastic are the least
       expensive.  Mixing bowl sets at $9.95 up.  View all 'Mixing Bowl Sets' from Amazon's wonderful selection
       of mixing bowls, you're sure to find the perfect mixing bowl set that you can't do without!

Measuring Things
  1 - Measuring Cup Set of 8 includes: 1/8, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 1 & 2 cup sizes
  1 - Measuring Spoons Set of 5 Teaspoon sizes: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1 t. size and a Tablespoon size
  1 - Large Glass Measuring Cup that holds 4 cups of liquid/dry
  1 - Small Glass Measuring Cup that holds 1 Cup of liquid/dry
     Cups and Spoons

Measuring cups are best made out of plastic or stainless steel, for durability and cleaning purposes.  'Measuring Cup Sets' and 'Measuring Spoon Sets' selections, can be viewed here at Measuring Cups and Spoon Sets.

Pots & Pans for the Cooktop  
1 Set of 3 Saucepans [1, 2 & 3 Qt. sizes] w/Lids
1 Skillet 10" size w/Lid
1 Stockpot w/Lid - 8 Qt. size, multi-use for cooking pasta, stews, soups, stocks
   Do not get less than an 8 Qt. stockpot, because of all the potential uses for it.

Buying pots and pans is an investment in your future.  Buy good pieces that you can add to over time.  Everyone has their own preference for non-stick, stainless steel, copper and so forth.  This definitely is a personal preference thing however, because certain mediums heat more quickly, and some maintain heat at constant levels, thus reducing the possibilities of burning of foods.  Copperware is wonderful, and you can sauté foods over a lower flame because copper heats instantly.  Think about what you really are looking for and want in terms of lifetime usage. Some non-stick brands are very expensive, and they still are going to get scratched no matter how careful you are, and some the handles will burn you.  I've  found that really good 18 gauge stainless steel with copper or steel clad bottoms is a happy medium overall.  If you season cookware correctly, you won't have a problem with food sticking or cleaning.  Just follow the manufacturers directions explicitly.

Utensils - Food Preparation
  2 - Wooden Spoons
  2 - Wooden or Plastic Spatulas
  2 - Cutting Boards - 1 wood 12" x 16", 1 plastic 8" x 12"  [See Cutting Boards ]
  1 - Cooling Rack
  1 - Colander
  1 - Package of Cheesecloth
  1 - Strainer
  1 - Kitchen Scissors
  2 - Large Slotted Spoons - 1 each plastic and stainless steel
  2 - Large Solid Spoons - 1 each plastic and stainless steel
  2 - Large Spatulas - 1 each plastic and stainless steel
  1 - Meat Thermometer
  1 - Vegetable peeler - stainless steel
  1 - Vegetable brush - plastic that is dishwasher safe
  1 - Set of Tongs
  1 - Kitchen Timer
  1 - Rubber Spatula
  1 - Whisk
  2 - Pancake Turners - 1 small and 1 large
  1 - Multi-purpose Box Type Grater [at least 3 or 4 different grating surfaces]
  1 - Hand Can Opener [for back-up]

Cutlery for Food Preparation
This is one area that you should not scrimp on!   A good set of knives will last indefinitely, they're precision built, and weighted perfectly for a lifetime of use.  I personally use J. A. Henckels Professional knives, but there are several other good brands of weighted stainless steel knives to select from.  You will probably not receive knives as a wedding gift or gift in general because of the old superstition that it will bring the receiver bad luck!  So with that said, thoroughly check-out the quality knife sets.  Check with family and friends to see what they use, and how they like the brand that they have.  Once you make up your mind, then buy the basics listed below.  They are the most used pieces, and then buy the butcher block holder for your fine knife set.  TIP:  When you wash and dry your knives [which you should do immediately after use], let them sit out on the counter for awhile before you put them back into the block.  You do not want moisture inside the butcher block holder.  View Knives & Knife Sets HERE.

A Basic Set of Knives & Chopping Block [buy individual pieces that should include]:
- 1 Chefs Knife either 10" or 12"
- 1 Boning Knife 5 ˝" is good for most home usage
- 1 Paring Knife
- 1 Bread Knife
- 1 Kitchen Scissors

  Microwave Essentials
1 Set of Heat-up Dishes
2 Sets of Multi-sized Plastic throw-away containers 2 C. size square and round
  Small Electronics for Food Preparation
The following items are basics, if you don't drink coffee, or bake a lot, then you really don't need some of these items.
1 Blender or Food Processor [the food processor performs more duties]
1 Can Opener
1 Coffee Machine
1 Toaster or Toaster Oven [the toaster oven performs more duties]
1 Juicer
  Odds and Ends for Storage
1 Set of Canisters
1 Utensil Crock/Holder
2 Turntables for Spices for inside the cabinet

Canister sets are very much a personal preference.  They come in glass, ceramic, tin as shown, pottery, wood and other materials.  When deciding on buying a canister set, think about if this should be a decorative item, or a functional item, or both.  The styles are unlimited, and you may end-up buying a set that just catches your eye, but really isn't that functional.

Other Odds and Ends
Always keep a supply of paper products, as they'll come in quite handy at the least expected times.  Items should include plastic cups, plastic plates or heavy duty paper plates, napkins and paper tableclothes.



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