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Culinary Translations - English to French
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Below you'll find some of the most popular culinary words and phrases that people  want to translate from English to French, together with pronunciations.  These are words and phrases that you'll use on your trip in restaurants, shopping and buying food, help with recipes and more.  If you are looking for more easy English to French Words and Phrases, there are over 25 categories to select from including: restaurants, general words and phrases, cooking words/phrases, and easy to learn salutations in our English to French Dictionary and so much more.

Food - Cuisine - Cooking Ingredients Plus

Appetizers Words - phrases for all types appetizers
Baking Ingredients - all baking essentials
Baking Temperatures - conversions charts
Beverages - all kinds - types of beverage containers
Best of Gourmet Cookbook Selections - books on all subjects
Bread is called Pain - you'll find the types and parts of bread
Cooking Conversions - all types of conversion needs
Cooking Methods - all basic types of cooking methods
Cooking Oils - types and how to
Cooking - Pots &  Pans - or cooking, baking and storage items
Condiments - all types
Culinary Verbs - essentials - how to do verbs
Dairy Products - all types - dairy items, milks to cheeses, etc.
Desserts of every type - and different types of sweets
Eggs cooking and uses - how to with eggs, phrases, prepare eggs
Fowl - all feathered kinds - and then some
Fruit - fresh and dried - fruits of all types
Herbs and Spices - all types of herbs and spices
Meats - different types - beef, pork, veal, lamb, poultry, game plus
Nuts types - different kinds of words
Pastry and Cakes items - phrases for baked items
Sauces - French sauces - basic sauce types
Seafood and Fish items - more than you'd expect
Soups of various types - broths, consommés and soups
Stocks for meats and Fish - the sauces for different type meats & fish
Vegetables of all types - you'll find veggies from a to z
Vegetable Preparation - different methods of cooking veggies



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